Breeding Diamond, Natural Diamond, Synthetic Diamond Powder

Synthetic Diamond powder has high hardness and good wear resistance, which can be widely used in cutting, grinding, drilling and so on. It is a raw material for grinding and polishing hard alloy, ceramics, gems, optical glass and other high hardness materials. Diamond powder products are tools and components processed by diamond powder.

How to distinguish between cultivating diamond and natural diamond

1. Price, the price of cultivated diamonds is much cheaper than natural diamonds;
2. Quality, the quality of cultivated diamonds will be more perfect, while the quality of natural diamonds is difficult to guarantee;
3. Formation method, cultivated diamonds are artificially made, natural diamonds is formed naturally.

1.Cultivated diamonds are artificially made. To be more careful, it means that the formation conditions of natural diamonds are artificially simulated, and the most precious natural diamonds are natural, which are naturally formed in nature. Under the same quality, the price of cultivated diamonds will be higher than that of natural diamonds. Much cheaper, and some even only one-fifth of natural diamonds.

2.There is no obvious difference between the two in appearance, but in terms of quality, the quality of cultivated diamonds will be more perfect. This is that cultivated diamonds can independently grasp the quality of diamonds, while natural diamonds have no external help. Hard to guarantee.

3.Natural diamonds need to be mined artificially, while cultivated diamonds are artificially made. Artificially made diamonds feel more like low-priced jewelry that is not rare. It does not have the emotion and meaning of natural diamonds, but Lab-grown diamonds also come in a variety of colors, giving people a variety of choices.

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