High-purity synthetic diamond powder

Usually, the raw material of diamond powder is mostly low-grade RVD diamond or diamond powder synthesized by explosive method, and the raw material itself contains a small amount of impurities such as graphite, catalyst metal and pyrophyllite. At the same time, a large amount of metal impurities will be introduced in the later crushing and shaping process. High impurity content will reduce the overall hardness of diamond and affect the performance of deep processing tools. In order to meet the requirements for product purity in the subsequent grading process, these impurities must be removed before being transferred to the grading process.


At present, chemical impurity removal and electrolytic purification techniques are commonly used to purify artificial diamond micropowder. The latter is mainly used when there are many alloy catalysts in the diamond material, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling catalyst metals. However, in actual work, due to the slow dissolution of the alloy catalyst and low production efficiency, it is difficult to meet the requirements of production development.


Relatively speaking, the chemical method uses different chemical reagents to treat the impurities separately according to the different chemical characteristics of the impurities in the diamond, and can obtain a better purification effect, that is, the "three removal" process commonly used in the industry: acid removal of alloy catalyst, strong The oxidant removes graphite, alkali-melted pyrophyllite and other three-stage work.


According to the good chemical stability of diamond and the characteristics of not reacting with acid and strong oxidant at high temperature, chemical methods are generally used to purify diamond. The main impurity of the diamond that has completed the crushing and shaping process is metal, which can undergo redox reaction with acid to form soluble salts. Using this feature, it can be treated with suitable acid to remove most of the metal impurities, and at the same time It can also remove impurities such as graphite.



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