Production and demand of synthetic diamond

What is synthetic diamond powder ?

Synthetic diamond powder is an ultra-hard fine grinding and polishing material in the world today. In terms of particle size, it belongs to micron, submicron and nanometer powder. Compared with the coarse powder, the specific surface area and surface functional groups of the coarse powder are obviously increased, so the interaction between particles is greatly increased in the production process. In addition, as the particle size is refined, the defects of the particle itself are reduced, and the strength is bound to increase. It can be seen that the production process of synthetic diamond powder is quite difficult, which is not only a process of particle refinement, but also accompanied by changes in crystal structure and surface physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the production process of synthetic diamond powder is a multidisciplinary engineering and technical problem involving machinery, powder engineering, mechanics, physical chemistry, modern instruments and testing technology.

Diamond Powder with High Wear Resistance

Diamond powder is mostly made of single crystal diamond of type I material. Due to the inherent characteristics of type I material : high impurity content and low strength, it cannot meet the requirements of high-end market for diamond powder products. Therefore, some diamond powder manufacturers will use single crystal diamond of type II or type III as raw material to produce diamond powder. The raw material used in BoreasBRM-HS and BEM-HP products is single crystal diamond of type III. The processing efficiency is much higher than that of ordinary diamond powder, and the wear resistance is increased by more than 30 %. It is very effective for processing polygonal diamonds ; processing silicon diode and germanium diode components can achieve the highest level of mirror finish.

Special Synthetic Diamond Powders : Polycrystalline Diamond Powders are described below, which do not belong to the special type. The special type refers to the powder used for certain diamond tools, such as diamond wire saw : BRM-WSD
Polycrystalline diamond powder is characterized by brittleness. Its particle shape is irregular quasi-circular block, and its surface is rough and uneven. When the particle bears stress, its brittleness leads to particle fragmentation, resulting in new sharp cutting points and better self-sharpness. This kind of diamond powder is more ideal for manufacturing resin bond grinding wheel and has a soft fine grinding and polishing effect.

With the development of advanced technology and high-end manufacturing industry, many precision devices require high surface finish, such as computer disk, magnetic head, optical communication devices, optical crystals, semiconductor substrates and other devices, which require precision polishing. So the demand for diamond powder is also increasing ; undoubtedly, diamond powder is an indispensable abrasive for the development of products to high, fine and sharp. Its application has a very broad prospect, and its application field is expanding.

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