Application Diamond Powder

Diamond, diamond micropowder, micropowder, diamond micropowder application, diamond application, diamond micropowder can play different roles in different industries

(1) Traditional gem polishing: single crystal micropowder of about 3 μm can meet the general requirements, which is a traditional use.

(2) Ceramic processing: Single crystal or polycrystalline micropowder can be used. For example, optical fiber ceramic ferrules use micron to submicron single crystal micropowder, and the application products include precision grinding wheels, grinding fluids, and polishing fluids. The application prospect of this aspect is good.

(3) Grinding and polishing of optical fiber connectors: use micron to submicron diamond powder.

(4) Texture processing of glass hard disks: use submicron to nanometer diamond single crystal or polycrystalline micropowder polishing liquid. However, with the conversion of horizontal magnetic recording to perpendicular magnetic recording technology, the usage dropped sharply.

(5) Texture processing of aluminum-based hard disks: using submicron to nanometer diamond powder, single crystal and detonation nanodiamond polishing fluid, with the transformation from horizontal magnetic recording to vertical magnetic recording technology, the usage is also decreasing.

(6) Magnetic head: For grinding and polishing of GMR magnetic head, submicron to nanometer diamond powder and polishing liquid are used.

(7) Grinding and polishing of sapphire wafers: using micron to submicron polycrystalline and single crystal polishing fluids, with the rapid development of LEDs, the prospect is very good.

(8) For the polishing of crystals with a hardness above 9, diamond micropowder polishing fluid is irreplaceable.

(9) Grinding and polishing of superhard metal rollers or devices: use micron to submicron diamond powder, polishing liquid, abrasive paste, and precision micropowder grinding wheel.

(10) Polishing of metal molds: use micron to submicron diamond powder, diamond polishing liquid, and abrasive paste.

(11) Raw materials for sintering PCD: Micron-sized diamond powder is used. With the expansion of PCD tool application, the prospect is broad.

(12) Raw materials for various grinding tools: There is still broad room for development in the use of single crystal diamond powder with various particle sizes.

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