How to convert mesh and micron

Number of holes per square inch. The larger the mesh, the smaller the aperture. In general, mesh × aperture ( micron ) = 15000. For example, 400 mesh sieve aperture is about 38 microns ; the pore size of 500 mesh sieve is about 30 microns. Because of the problem of opening rate, that is, because of the different thickness of the wire used in knitting network, the standards of different countries are not the same. There are three standards : the United States standard, the British standard and the Japanese standard. The United Kingdom and the United States are similar, and Japan is quite different. The U.S. standard is used in China, which can be calculated by the formula given above.

(1) Eyes refer to the number of empty holes on the screen per square inch, 50 eyes refer to 50 holes per square inch, and 500 holes per square inch. The higher the number of eyes is, the more the holes are. In addition to representing the hole of the screen, it is also used to represent the particle size that can pass through the screen. The higher the mesh is, the smaller the particle size is.

(2) Particle size is called particle size. Due to the complex shape of particles, there are usually several representation methods such as screening particle size, settling particle size, equivalent volume particle size and equivalent surface area particle size. Sieving particle size is defined as the number of sieve holes in a 1-inch ( 25.4mm ) -wide screen that particles can pass through the screen.

conversion relationship : 1 μm = 1 micrometres ( micron ) = 0.001 millimetre ( mm ) ;

The empirical formula is as follows : micron ≈ 25.4 × 1000 / 2 × mesh, the larger the mesh, the greater the error.

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