Our job as parents is to raise children to be happy, healthy, and kind. Showing them how easy and fulfilling it is to be kind to one another is one of the best lessons we can teach them.  From everyday pleasantries to more in depth       excursions, we can start when they are young and hope they will continue the rest of their lives.  If you aren’t sure when or where to start, this will help!


Let’s start with the when!  World Kindness Day is coming up and it’s the perfect day to jump in!  On Wednesday, November 13th, set up a plan to spread kindness and joy to those around you!  World Kindness Day was started in 1998 when a group of likeminded people came together with the purpose of starting a new daily routine to include intentional moments of kindness, laughter and delight. It’s also a perfect opportunity to enjoy the little things that happen to us every day.  Check out www.randomactsofkindness.org for more information on the movement and its growth.


Now let’s think about the where to start!  There are thousands of things we can do every day to help our fellow man in having a great day!  Acts of kindness don’t have to cost a fortune or even be grand gestures – sometimes just the little things make the biggest difference.   Here is just a small list of things you and your children can do to make our communities a happier, and ultimately better, place!


Common Courtesy Things:

  • Say Please and Thank You
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Send a uplifting text message or email to a friend
  • Smile and say Hi at those around you
  • Picking up trash, even if it wasn’t yours


At Home:

  • Bake cookies for your neighbors
  • Make dinner for your elderly neighbor
  • Rake leaves from someone’s yard
  • Clean up messes that aren’t ours


Around Town:

  • Pay for the person behind you in line
  • Tape $1 to the Redbox for the next patron
  • Let a car in during traffic
  • Wait for pedestrians to cross the street
  • Holding doors open, especially for elderly or disabled
  • Put quarters in the soda/candy/toy machines at the store
  • Leave a happy note with a dollar on an item at the Dollar Store
  • Post uplifting notes on a public bathroom mirror
  • Leave some wipes on a public changing table
  • Make and leave “Winter Goodie Bags” on cars (could include things like Chapstick, Gold Bond lotion, $5 gift card, gloves, etc.)
  • Leave snacks at the Laundromat
  • Pay someone’s late fees at the library
  • Leave quarters in the Aldi carts
  • Set up or stock a community free library
  • Buy a meal for a Veteran


At School:

  • Sit with the new kid at lunch
  • Take an extra snack or lunch for a kid who might not have one
  • Make a thoughtful gift for your teachers
  • Help the teacher clean up
  • Send extra snacks, change, or donations for classroom projects for the kid who might have forgotten
  • Collect the balls at recess to help the aide



  • Visiting Senior and Nursing Homes
    • Take your kids to visit
    • Holiday singing
    • Spring concert where kids can play instruments
    • Halloween Trick or Treating
    • Take flowers, chocolates, baked goods anytime
  • Help at the local soup kitchens
  • Help organize donations for Holiday food drives
  • Contact your local Ronald McDonald House to help with meals or events
  • Look for local charity events to work at
  • Visit the animals at the local county shelter or SPCA



  • Donating food to local pantries
  • Donate extra books to the library
  • Sponsor a family during the Holiday through Social Services
  • Donate blood (when old enough)
  • Organize a drive for stocking caps, scarves, gloves for the homeless
  • Take treats to the Animal Shelter
  • Help with a backpack and school supply drive for local foster kids
  • Make cards for the Military Servicemen and Senior Citizens
  • Donate toys to the Jamison Center (in Bakersfield) or other children’s centers
  • Take extra blankets to the Homeless Shelter
  • Bring towels, blankets, and toys to the Animal Shelter
  • Helping a single mom with dinner or running kids around
  • Pick out toys for the Toys for Tots Drive
  • Make blankets for Project Linus



Whatever you choose to do, you can make a difference!  Furthermore, we can teach our kids how rewarding it is to be kind to one another.  Go out there and make someone’s day!


Blog Compiled by WarmLine Member Sabrina Gondeck from suggestions made by WarmLine Members, Sustainers, and Trainees and other community members