Coronavirus Pandemic: Talk About It

You can bet that your children know something unusual is happening, even very young children.  They can sense the stress, they observe the changing routines and they can feel that you are distracted.  They might try to ‘call you back’ with seeming ‘bad behavior’; just know that they are crying

Conronavirus Pandemic: Breaking it Down

This Coronavirus Pandemic is a little unnerving for all of us.  It’s something scary out in the world, and now in our own communities, that we cannot control.  We can feel our anxiety building and our underlying fear start to surface.  We might notice that we are irritable, that our

Exercise with Group Fitness for Self-Care

For many moms, exercise is seen as a luxury we simply don’t have time for. Whether you’re a working mama or a stay-at-home mama, the responsibilities are never-ending and many of us feel that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get all of the “things” done. Maybe

Bringing Baby Home

Bringing a baby home can be a time of a million emotions and questions, and not always in the good way. Babies change every relationship, and it is important to find positive ways to transition into parenthood. The Gottman Institute has created a workshop, aptly named “Bringing Baby Home,” to


One of the best things we can teach our child is to have positive self-esteem. We know that kids copy what they see, hear, and feel. In order to foster that positive self-esteem in our kids, we need to model the behavior and teach them how to find the good

Throwback Blog: Out On the Town

With the holidays here, you’re sure to have a few holiday gatherings to attend. It can be hard taking our kids out of their normal routine to places they are unfamiliar with, often with people they don’t know.   WarmLine has a rich history in helping with issues just like

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