Coronavirus Pandemic: Stick to Your Routine

My dear mother-in-law had NINE children.  I learned so many things from her!  One of the things she taught me was that when there was a transition in the normal routine of the house it took at least two weeks for a new routine to emerge.  She was reflecting on

Coronavirus Pandemic: Teaching Self-Empowerment

When we’re feeling like we don’t have control over something in our lives, like coronavirus, it’s really helpful to find something that we DO have control over.  Our children are no different - they need to know what they have control over, especially during times of stress.   There are

Coronavirus Pandemic: Kids Have Worries Too

Talking about our concerns with another caring, present, attentive person is so powerful.  In WarmLine, we learn to be fully present, to listen deeply and to put our story on the back burner as we hold space for the other person.  Our children also need us to do this.  It’s

Coronavirus Pandemic: Age Appropriate Discussions

Talking to children about Coronavirus is sort of like talking to them about any other adult topic.  It might feel as uncomfortable or awkward as talking with them about adult money matters or other grown-up topics.  So, let’s remember the WarmLine guidelines for talking to children about any topic that

Coronavirus Pandemic: Talk About It

You can bet that your children know something unusual is happening, even very young children.  They can sense the stress, they observe the changing routines and they can feel that you are distracted.  They might try to ‘call you back’ with seeming ‘bad behavior’; just know that they are crying

Conronavirus Pandemic: Breaking it Down

This Coronavirus Pandemic is a little unnerving for all of us.  It’s something scary out in the world, and now in our own communities, that we cannot control.  We can feel our anxiety building and our underlying fear start to surface.  We might notice that we are irritable, that our

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